La formule OPEN 100% à distance
Small group classes with your French teachers, Unlimited hours

FLE   3 months of training

FLE   Unlimited virtual Campus virtuel (general and professionnal French)

FLE   Unlimited 45' small group videoconferencing classes with our French language tutors

FLE   Available on all devices (computers, tabletts, smartphones) 24/7 - Start whenever you want !

FLE   All levels from A1 to C1 on the French language CEFR            Test your French level


Who is this training for?

Professionnals and beginners

Anybody who needs to work in France, integrate into French society. And particularly people with intermediary levels.

The challenge of interactivity

Get as much speaking time as you can with an unlimited number of small group interactive classes.

Quality seekers

The most complete Virtual Campus on the market and unlimited time in small groupes.

Digital natives

People who are at ease with having their classes online and by videoconferencing.

Unlimited small group classes

You will be offered every day a few possible schedules for your small group classes with our francophone coaches. Some classes have designated topics, and others a open. You can book as many as you want (unlimited formula). You can redo specific classes more than once to improve your fluency. Classes are generally 45' and are booked on a first arrived, first served basis. Private classes are by videoconferencing on any device (computer, tablett, smartphone).

The online classes on the virtual campus

The virtual campus offers classes in general French (vocabulary, grammar) and also a large number of specialised and professionnal courses. To see a list of available topics please click below (in French).

See topics


  • Start anytime you want.
  • Get your login within 24 / 48 h of enrolment.
  • Access your courses from any device (smartphone, tablett, computer).
  • Choose your pick of General French and Professionnal French topics.
  • Your training is unlimited for 3 months. Do as many online and videoconferencing classes as you can.
  • Check out all contractual information below (in French)

Contractual information

Need to talk it over ?

If you need to find anything out, call us at 04 99 74 22 74 or take a 15 minute appointment with our  training advisor (shared agenda below). Our staff all speak English.