The TOEIC on your CV

This distance supervised TOEIC by ETSGLOBAL can be taken from anywhere in the world, in your home or your office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The score report is the same as the one you get after an in person TOEIC sessions. However, the following should be noted.

  • Score reports do not contain the candidate's picture, as in TOEIC sessions done live in TOEIC Public Centres.
  • Strict rules apply to the distance supervision. Candidates are expected to read their manual, adjust settings & behaviors 100% correctly. As a consequence, candidates generally consider live TOEIC sessions more user friendly, and should seek out the TOEIC Centre closest to their location.
  • Time zones are not managed. The time of the sessions will be given in the time zone of the provider.



What is the Distance Supervised TOEIC ?


How does it work?

The distance supervised TOEIC currently relies on the PROCTOREXAM platform to distance supervise candidates.

  • Candidates must enroll a minimum of 6 days in advance. Once they have chosen the day and time of their exam, these cannot be changed.
  • Candidates are sent a detailed manual that explains the settings they should apply to the exam room, computer, and smartphone.
  • On the exam day, candidates will be invited to undergo a number of security checks (ID, overview of their desk, of the room that the distance supervised TOEIC is being taken in, etc.).
  • During the exam, candidates will be filmed by the webcam of their computer. Their microphone, screen and keyboard will also be recorded.
  • All the data from the exam will be analysed by artificial intelligence and human proctors. ETSGLOBAL is very strict on exam security, and it must be understood that candidates will not get their TOEIC Results if exam guidelines have not been respected 100%.
  • TOEIC Results will typically be given a minimum of 10 working days after this exam. In case ETSGLOBAL singles the exam out for an "admin review", the time frame will typically be 10 working days and can go up to a full month.

Please download the official TOEIC userguide for more details below.


TOEIC, what does the score mean?

Distanced supervised TOEIC China Vietnam Uzbekistan

The TOEIC is scored between 10 and 990 points. Scores are expressed in CEFR levels.

From 80 to 100 points, the level is "below A1", 
Under 550, scores are not considered significant and candidates should be advised to do the TOEIC Bridge exam
Above 550, the level is B1
Above 785, the level is B2
Above 945, the level is C1

It should be noted that the TOEIC scale is exponential. Which means that gaining 100 points from 800 to 900 is very much more difficult than doing the same from 600 to 700.

Distance Supervised TOEIC User Guide

Please be prepared to conform to 100% of ETSGLOBAL's recommandations in the user guide you can download below, as they might not deliver your TOEIC score in the event of an irreularity.

 TOEIC User Guide (GB)



Where does one sign up for a Distance Supervised TOEIC?

ETSGLOBAL has a worldwide network of offices and centres that distribute the TOEIC. Please find yours in the list below.

TOEIC Agents and Offices


For further information 

Official TOEIC Page