CLUB French Course, 3 months, private tuition

3 x 195 €

- Blended French course.
- Unlimited online study in virtual campus.
- Unlimited private teacher classes.
- 3 month access.
- Set up your own schedule and start today !

Cours de langue illimités  Unlimited virtual Campus (general and professionnal French) helps you build vocabulary and reflexes so the words come naturally when you need them. 

Cours de langue illimités  Unlimited private classes with our French tutors are essential to practice your speaking skills and be at ease in French. 

Cours de langue illimités  Up to level B1 on the CEFR scale, the course is a General French course. Once you reach the B1 level and have developed your speaking skills, you have access to a large number of optionnal Business French lessons. 

Cours de langue illimités  Available on all devices (computers, tabletts, smartphones)

Cours de langue illimités  A 3 month course with flexible schedule, lots of scheduling opportunities every day.

Cours de langue illimités  Start whenever you want !

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Prestation compatible ordinateur, smartphone, tablette

Technical requirements

You to have a computer, a smartphone or a tablett connected to internet.

Computer : WINDOWS 10 or MAC OS with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox navigator and enough bandwidth (broadband or cable). 13 inch screen minimum, loudspeaker and microphone or headset. 

Tablet or smartphone : Android or IOS. Adequate internet bandwidth Download the Rosetta Stone App for the Virtual Campus. Use  Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the teacher classes.


Make sure you are available to make most of this formula. It is unlimited, which means you can spend as many hours as you want learning French ! 

  • Start anytime you want.

  • Get your login within 24 / 48 h of enrolment.

  • Access your courses from any device (smartphone, tablet, computer).

  • Choose your pick of General French and Professionnal French topics (from B1 level onwards).

  • Course starts with an assessment of your current French level, that automatically sets the difficulty of your course (manual resets are possible). 
  • You set your own goals and choose what and when to study. We encourage you to do as many teacher classes as possible. 
  • Your training is unlimited for 3 months. Do as many online and private classes as you can.

  • Check out all contractual information below (in French)

Contractual information