LINGUASKILL Anywhere 2 skills (English)

75€ TTC

- LISTENING & READING (2 skills)
- Remote supervised 24 /7.
- When and where you want.
- By Cambridge Assessment

Linguaskill Anywhere

success.png Easy - Your English Certification where and when you want it! Access to 24/7 scheduling from home or office after enrolment. 

success.png Practical - Adaptive exam. Online registration. Quick results (3 working days). Valid 2 years.

success.png Reliable - Remote supervision with IA + operator. Extensive anti cheating features. Diplomas can be double checked on  Linguaskill Results Service.

success.png International recognition - In 150 + countries and 25 000 + universities, companies, government agencies worldwide, including in China, Germany, Japan, UK, Viet Nam

success.png Fast - 85' exam + 30' onboarding approximately. Time zone adapts automatically to your country (China, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Viet Nam, etc.)

success.png 2 versions - GENERAL English and BUSINESS English to be chosen upon registration. Prefer the 4-skill version? It is here Linguaskill 4 skills


VICTORIA'S English is the leading distance supervised exam provider from France. We are happy to serve clients from 30+ countries including China, Germany, Japan, UK, Viet Nam


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Anti-fraud policy

Anti-fraud policy

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Certification process

success.pngBEFORE REGISTRATION - Check you will be able to comply with the Exam Requirements of the Linguaskill Anywhere

success.pngREGISTRATION - Enroll into the Linguaskill Anywhere with VICTORIA'S English on this platform. 

success.pngAFTER REGISTRATION - Instructions within 2 working days of registration. Schedule your exam. Time zone adapts automatically to all countries (China, Germany, Japan, UK, Viet Nam, etc.). 

success.pngON EXAM DAY - On the selected day, log into the supervision platform, follow the supervisor's instructions and take your test. 

success.pngAFTER THE LINGUASKILL - Get your diploma within 3 working days (so long as you have complied with Linguaskill exam conditions). 


Exam requirements

Conditions d'examen du Linguaskill Anywhere

Following the Linguaskill Anywhere Exam Requirements is essential. A protected environment must be created in your home or office. Diplomas will not be delivered when malpractice is suspected. 

Please review these conditions and our anti-fraud policy before registering for Linguaskill Anywhere.

Exam Conditions

Malpractice Procedures

For any information, please contact us at +33 499 74 22 74

Check your equipment before registering

Prestation incompatible smartphone et tablettes

success.png Linguaskill Anywhere does not work on smartphones or tabletts. Computers only (Windows 10 or 11 or Mac OS) recently updated.

success.png Google CHROME browsers only. Arab and Asian countries, make sure your keyboard has an standard English version to it. 

success.png Make sure your computer lets you download and install the ProctorExam extension (link in email received)

success.png Ensure there isn't a company firewall blocking access to the exam website.

Check your equipment before registering for your Linguaskill Anywhere

Technical Specifications

Check your Computer