Your French CEFR level is A2, basic

 Votre niveau de français est A2 !

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Congratulations, you got somewhere from 11 to 15 answers right ! Your level is level is A2 on the european scale (CEFR). It's a ELEMENTARY, or BASIC level, you have some vocabulary and can get simple things done in French.

Work in French


You won't get hired for very manu jobs at this level in France, unless you are working in English for an international company. But if you are willing to learn on the job, you could give it a try, although it might be a rough ride.

Travelling in French


Travelling to France, Switzerland or Belgium with an A2 CEFR level should be OK. You should be able to get all the ordinary things done, like trains, taxis, hotels and restaurants, and even be able to do some limited small talk with French people. You also have more options of where you can go, including remote places like the Auvergne or the Alpes de Hautes Provence.

Residence in France, Switzerland, Belgium


The A2 CEFR level is the minimum requirement for a residency permit in France (unless you are over 65, handicapped, or in another one of the categories for exception). If you apply for one, you will be asked to sit for an official French Exam and prove your worth. To become a French citizen, you have to be one level higher though, B1.

French classes

If you are serious about improving your French, we recommend you get to a minimum French CEFR level of A2 for travelling purposes, and B1 if you want to live or work in a French speaking country. Our Pedagogical Advisors are bilingual and you are welcome to make an appointment with one here to discuss learning French.

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