Your French CEFR level is A1, begginer

 Votre niveau de français est A1 !

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You got somewhere from 1 to 10 answers right. Your level is A1 on the european scale (CEFR). It's a beginner's level, you have a little vocabulary but not really enough to get by.

Work in French


Apart from the most menial of jobs (picking fruit in the south of France can be entertaining, but it's hot and hard) do not expect to be hired for anything that requires even basic language skills.  

Travelling in French


You might just scrape by on a solo trip to France, Switzerland or Belgium with an A1 CEFR level. Depends on how resilient you are. We advise that you keep to important tourist locations like Paris, Versailles, Mont Saint Michel, Chamonix or the Riviera where French people will be falling over themselves to speak French to you. Obviously if you are staying at 5 star hotels you will never have a problem.


Residence in France, Switzerland, Belgium


Forget about getting a residence permit in France. The minimum requirement is an A2 level in French (unless you are over 65, handicapped, or in another one of the categories for exception). You won't be able to be naturalised French either, the official requirement is a B1 French level. Very much the same rules apply to Switerland and Belgium.

French classes

If you are serious about improving your French, we recommend you get to a minimum French CEFR level of A2 for travelling purposes, and B1 if you want to live or work in a French speaking country. Our Pedagogical Advisors are bilingual and you are welcome to make an appointment with one here to discuss learning French.

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