Love what you love - in English !

I don't like english...

COmment faire si je n'aime pas l'anglais ?

Some of our students have a passion for languages, many simply love English. Honestly, these are big advantages when it comes to learning. But what do you do… if you just don’t?

You don't have to like english !

Of course, you can’t force yourself to love anything. Loving the language and culture sure helps, but fortunately it’s not a requirement. You can find the same motivation and drive that people who love English have simply by pursuing your passion in English. The only question is what do you love?

It could be knitting or Texas Holdem, carpentry or psychology, there are endless resources to explore online. Take advantage of video tutorials, blogs, and podcasts that talk about something you already know and love. Who knows? You might learn something new and improve your English at the same time!


Start from what you like





A few pieces of advice !

1- Use English subtitling to watch these videos.

Automatic subtitling is available on most video sharing platforms. Just activate it. Avoid French subtitling as that forces you into translation mode, which slows your brain down.

2- Forget about understanding every single word.

It's a waste of your time and energy. Just go with the flow. Achieving a global understanding does not require a detailed understanding of every word.

3- Use an English dictionary.

If a word bugs you and you need to look it up, do so on wordreference or another high quality dictionary. Listen to it's exact pronunciation. Avoid using translations.


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