Your French CEFR level is B1, intermediary

 Votre niveau de français est B1 !

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Congratulations, you got somewhere from 16 to 20 answers right ! Your level is level is B1 on the european scale (CEFR). It's a INTERMEDIATE level in French, which makes you an “independant speaker”. Which means you do not nead to rely on others to assist you in your dealings with the French language.

Work in French


B1 is the level at which doors start to open for job applicants. You could be hired for just about any job that does not require you to write 20 page memos or negociate international contracts. Customer service, technical, maintenance, operationnal jobs are all OK if there is no expectation that you speak perfect French.

Travelling in French


Travelling to France, Switzerland or Belgium with an B1 CEFR level will be no problem. Not only will you be able to stray away from the beaten track and handle all the practicals of your trip, but you should be able to engage in meaningful conversation along the way, and discover how nice French people are, when they understand you. Make most of it !

Residence in France, Switzerland, Belgium


The B1 CEFR level is above minimum requirement for a residency permit in France. If you apply for one, you will be asked to sit for an official French Exam and prove your worth. B1 CEFR is the minimum level to apply for French nationality though. Luckily they don't ask you to be able to sing La Marseillaise !

French classes

If you are serious about improving your French, we recommend you get to a minimum French CEFR level of A2 for travelling purposes, and B1 if you want to live or work in a French speaking country. Our Pedagogical Advisors are bilingual and you are welcome to make an appointment with one here to discuss learning French.

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