Congratulations, your French level is B2

Votre niveau de français est B2 !
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B2, your French CEFR level is “fluent”
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Congratulations, you got somewhere from 21 to 25 answers right ! Your level is level is B2 on the european scale (CEFR). That makes you into a “FLUENT French speaker”

At the CEFR B2 level in French

  • You understand the essential content of any abstract or pratical communication, even in a complex text with a link to your job and speciality.
  • You are at ease to communicate in a spontaneous way. You can work in French and there will be not hiccups in your communication with French people.
  • You can express yourself in a clear and detailed way on a wide range of topics. You can give your opinion on current affairs and outline the drawbacks and advantages of doing anything.

Practical consequences

At the French CEFR B2 level, travelling, surfing on the French web, spoken and written communication with francophones should be no problem at all, although you might still lack some vocabulary or idioms in more specialised areas.

This is the level that is recommended for most intellectual professions working in France : engineers, architects, managers, scientists, doctors, business lawyers, etc.


French classes

If you are serious about improving your French, we recommend you get to a minimum French CEFR level of A2 for travelling purposes, and B1 if you want to live or work in a French speaking country. Our Pedagogical Advisors are bilingual and you are welcome to make an appointment with one here to discuss learning French.

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