Congratulations, your French level is C1

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C1, your French CEFR level is “advanced”
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Congratulations, you got somewhere from 25 to 27 answers right ! Your level is level is C1 on the european scale (CEFR). That makes you into a “ADVANCED French speaker”

At the CEFR C1 level in French

  • You understand a large variety of complex and long texts. you grasp implicit meanings.
  • You can express yourself spontaniously and fluently.
  • Your use of French is efficient and flexible in all areas of your life: professionnal, social, accademic.
  • You can speak about just about anything, including complex topics in a well structured way. You have excellent control over how you organise and articulate your speach.

Practical consequences

Living and working in France should not be a problem for you. You can apply to just about any job and do it about as well as a native French speaker. You might just have to learn some technical vocabulary, but that will not be a problem.

At the French CEFR C1 level, living in a French speaking environnement is actually strongly recommended at this level if you want to progress to next level C2! Because one needs to be totaly immersed in French culture (and provide a little personnal work) to get there.

We also advise you to sit for a French language certification that will give you diploma to show for your achievement. If you apply for a work permit or to become a French citizen, you will have to sit through a certification anyhow.


French classes

If you are serious about improving your French, we recommend you get to a minimum French CEFR level of A2 for travelling purposes, and B1 if you want to live or work in a French speaking country. Our Pedagogical Advisors are bilingual and you are welcome to make an appointment with one here to discuss learning French.

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