Linguaskill for international customers


International Candidates for Linguaskill Anywhere


Restrictions on access

The licence of VICTORIA'S English to sell Linguaskill Anywhere is for France. As a consequence, we need to apply specific procedures to our international customers not residing in France and we might not be able to accept their enrolments. 


Restricted Countries

Sorry, we are currently not allowed to enrol students from the following countries for Linguaskill Anywhere, unless they plan to come and study or live in France. If this is your case, please use our contact form to tell us, and we will honour your order.




If you do nevertheless enroll in the Linguaskill, and do not contact us to explain that you are going to study or live in France, we will refund the amount you have paid, minus the admin fee.



Do the ITEP Exam

We advise students prevented from doing Linguaskill to enroll in the ITEP exam, which is a direct competitor of the TOEFL. These restrictions don't apply to the countries mentioned above except for Uzbekistan. Please note that ITEP doesn't certify remotely supervised exam for candidates residing in Uzbekistan, who must take their test in an approved test centers, with on site proctoring only.

You will also get a 10% discount on your ITEP enrolment by applying our Coupon Code VICTORIAS10.



Enrolment of international candidates

Enrolment of international candidates not residing in France cannot be automatically approved. The following processes will be applied. All candidates not currently in France will be asked to give their agreement to the following procedures.

  1. Applications will be sent to Cambridge Assessment for approval. Cambridge will probably not approve your application if there is a Linguaskill centre in your country.
  2. This process will take up to one week.
  3. Candidates will be advised by email as to the decision taken by Cambridge Assessment.
  4. Applications that have not been approved will be fully refunded.
  5. Wire transfers for the refund will be sent to the credit card used for enrolment and can take up to 5 business days.


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