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Restrictions on access

The licence of VICTORIA'S English to sell Linguaskill Anywhere is for France. As a consequence, we need to apply specific procedures to our international customers not residing in France and we might not be able to accept their enrolments. These restrictions do not apply to candidates that are currently French or French residents studying or working in France, but on a temporary deployement abroad, like Erasmus + students for instance. If you cannot enrol on a Linguaskill with us, please consult the map of Linguaskill Agents provided by Cambridge Assessment to find the Authorized Linguaskill Agent that covers your country.

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Restricted Countries

We realise these restrictions may be probablematic for residents of countries with a strong unsatisfied demand for quality English certifications like  China, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

If you are not French and don't have French Resident status, please do contact us before enrolling. We will guide you on how to provide us with written proof of enrolment in a French University Program, or employement by a company in France. Our contact form is below.

If you do nevertheless enroll in the Linguaskill, and do not provide the required documentation, you will not be refunded.

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Have you considered the ITEP Exam?

We advise students prevented from doing Linguaskill to enroll in the ITEP exam, which is a direct competitor of the TOEFL and the 4 skills Linguaskill. ITEP is a fairly new exam promoted by ITEP International in the USA. The exam is fast growing in Asia, and particularly in emerging countries with low access to standard certifications like Vietnam, China and Uzbekistan. The version of ITEP we sell is "ITEP Accademic Plus" which is mostly used for admissions to University Programs. It is a four skills exams that lasts about 2 hours and is distance supervised via a lockdown browser and ITEP's own proprietary supervision system.

When you enroll on your ITEP Exam, do so by following the link below and apply our Coupon Code VICTORIAS10 to get a 10% discount.

ITEP Enrolment


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