LINGUASKILL Composite Diplomas

 Linguaskill Composite Diploma


If we look closely at the LINGUASKILL scores above, we can see that this candidate did indeed obtain a B2 level (Average score), but that the Listening and Reading tests were not taken on the same day (August 4 and 3 respectively). What happened? 

The candidate actually passed two LINGUASKILL two days in a row. 

On August 3, her overall score was 155, which corresponds to a B1 level. Not enough to validate her engineering degree. But that day, she had a good Reading, 161 points, just B2... 

The next day, August 4, this candidate focused on Listening and scored 174 points. This was her second time taking the exam and the surprise had worn off. She spent less time on Reading and her Reading score dropped (note that the questions were different from day to day). 

However, we were able to give her a composite diploma, which includes the best marks from the August 3 and 4 sessions. And our candidate got her B2 ! 

What are the requirements for a composite degree?

Cambridge Assessment considers Linguaskill Anywhere composite diplomas to be fully valid. In order to be able to issue one, candidates must follow the following rules. 

• Have taken the same version of the Linguaskill exam (general or business) at least twice. 

• Within a maximum of 3 months. 

• With the same exam center. It is impossible to create composites with scores coming from two different exam centres.


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