A Cambridge English diploma on your CV

This distance supervised English certification from Cambridge can be taken from anywhere in the world, in your home or your office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The diploma is identical to the one you get in the in person Linguaskill Test Centres and can be double checked on the Linguaskill Results Service.

VICTORIA'S English is a leading French agent for Linguaskill Anywhere.


What is the Linguaskill Anywhere ?


Choose the right version

General or Business

One General English and one Business English with distinct vocabulary

2 skills or 4 skills

A standard Listening & Reading version or a complete 4 skills version with Writing and Speaking

How does it work?


Linguaskill Anywhere, what does the score mean?

Linguaskill score

The LINGUASKILL is scored between 80 and 180 points. Scores are expressed in CEFR levels.

From 80 to 100 points, the level is "below A1", 
Above 100, the level is A1
Above 120, the level is A2
Above 140, the level is B1
Above 160, the level is B2
Above 180, the level is C1

The Linguaskill Results Service lets any third party verify the authenticity of LINGUASKILL diplomas.

LINGUASKILL Results Service


Where does one sign up for a Linguaskill Anywhere?

Candidates are invited to find a Linguaskill Anywhere provider in their home country. VICTORIA'S English is a Linguaskill Anywhere agent for France, and specific rules apply to access to non resident candidates. Please read our section for international candidates before enroling on the Linguaskill Anywhere with us.

Linguaskill Enrolment

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