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Fraud statistics

Impressive statistics

Our provider for remote supervision of language exams gives us the following figures (average of 3 million + exams in many countries)

Approximately 30% of candidates bring something into the examination area that is not allowed (phone, dictionary, reminder, etc.). This is more often a case of simple negligence than of attempted fraud. The supervisor must intervene to have the prohibited objects removed.

Approximately 3.8% of candidates make attempts to cheat that can be described as deliberate and may result in the non-issuance of the diploma.

131 cheatware programs are now detected and disabled by our provider, and this number is increasing every month.


Fight against fraud

In this context, VICTORIA'S English has an active anti-fraud policy based on three pillars

Raising awareness among candidates so that they are aware of the examination conditions to be respected and the measures to be taken to avoid any suspicion of fraud.

Technology, VICTORIA'S English works with the best players in the remote monitoring industry. This quality translates into superior anti-fraud practices.

The presence of a human supervisor to validate compliance with the examination conditions

Carrying out the examination on a browser secured by the presence of a specific extension

Scripts to automatically detect software that may facilitate cheating by candidates

Visual/audio/screen recording of the entire exam session, then analyzed by Artificial Intelligence

Investigations: Each supervision report is scrupulously checked. In case of suspected fraud, an investigation is carried out, which may lead us to share various information related to the examination session with our partners as well as the institution that requested the diploma (employer, university, college, etc.)

Consequences of proven frauds

Any failure to comply with the examination requirements, whether deliberate or not, is treated as a potential cheating attempt

Examination requirements


In the case of simple negligence or carelessness on the part of the candidate, he/she will be invited to retake the exam

In the event that the investigation leads to the belief that the cheating is intentional and proven, VICTORIA'S English may ...

To refuse the issuance of the diploma

To refuse to readmit the candidate for another session

Informing officials of educational institutions/employers who are recipients of the diploma


Is it possible to guarantee 100% results ?

NO. Examination fraud is an evolving industry in which there is a technological race. The means of fraud are evolving rapidly as well as the means of detection. We do our best to ensure the integrity of certifications, but we cannot certify them 100%. And every year we have to resign ourselves to issuing a few diplomas that certainly look suspicious to us, but for which no evidence of fraud has been found.


Candidates, scrupulously respect the examination requirements

It is in your best interest to avoid suspicion. We maintain a detailed description of the examination requirements, as well as a list of silly mistakes you should best avoid. Please consult them.

Exam requirements


Extract from our General Terms and Conditions ARTICLE 8 - EXAMINATION FRAUD


Respecting the law/ The candidate agrees to behave in a scrupulously honest manner and to respect the letter and spirit of the examination conditions. He/she agrees to refrain from any attempt to defraud or cheat on the exams, whatever the modalities. He/she acknowledges that he/she has been warned that fraud in the exams is a criminal offence that can be punished by a fine of 9000 € and/or imprisonment of up to 3 years according to the law of 23 December 1901.

Failure to comply with the examination requirements for online certification (LINGUASKILL and TOEIC) | The provider reserves the right not to issue diplomas when the examination requirements have not been met. Decisions not to issue diplomas are final and not subject to appeal. No refunds for language certifications are due when the examination conditions have not been met by the candidate, whether intentionally (e.g. obtaining unauthorized assistance) or unintentionally (e.g. misuse of examination time leading to invalidation of results).

Consequences of fraud | In case of suspected fraud, the provider reserves the right to investigate in cooperation with its institutional partners (providers, etc.) and those of the candidate (employer, educational institution, etc.). The provider reserves the right to share all materials provided by the applicant, such as copies of identification documents, photos, video and audio recordings, etc., with these partners. The candidate expressly waives all measures to protect his/her image rights and personal data in this context.

No-responsibility | The provider cannot be held responsible for the potential consequences of the fraud on the candidate (loss of his job, expulsion from his University or Grande Ecole, etc.)

Re-registration for exams is not automatic. VICTORIA'S English reserves the right to refuse re-registration for an exam, including, but not limited to, where there is suspicion of fraud.

Sharing of Personal Data | In the event of an investigation into suspected examination fraud, the Provider shall be free to share the candidate's personal data, including various digital data relating to the examination (personal data, photos, videos, etc.) with any person/institution that may assist the investigation, including but not limited to the candidate's employer, the educational institution to which the candidate is attached, the police and the courts.


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