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Exam Cheating - Our statistics


2021 / 2022 statistics for exam cheating

The official worldwide statistic from ProctorU is that roughly 3,8% of candidates will attempt to cheat one way or another during online exams. The 2021/2022 school year was the first full year in which we conducted supervised remote certifications. We compiled our exam fraud and cancelled diploma statistics, exam by exam.


Linguaskill Anywhere

Roughly 5% of candidates are considered suspicious and 2% of Linguaskill Anywhere diplomas are withheld. Candidates should make absolutly sure they stay on the right side of Linguaskill Exam Requirements. The most frequent cases were identity theft and remote assistance via the candidate's cell phone. Diplomas were cancelled, the pedagogical managers of their universities were notified, leading to several cases of exclusion from the Grande Ecole. There was also a case concerning a manager in a multinational company. This indelicate individual thought it was a good idea to have a friend of his who spoke better English take the exam, but he betrayed himself by his suspicious behavior. The fraud led to his dismissal for gross misconduct and to a fraud lawsuit against him by his former employer.

There is a strong national variation of this rate. Indeed, the malpractice rate for certain countries like Vietnam unfortunatly exceeds 25%. We understand some people in Vietnam are under heavy stress to comply with government regulations and get good grades at the Linguaskill. However some candidates would be well advised to spend their money improving their English rather than wasting it on attempts at cheating. 


Linguaskill for institutions

Only one case of fraud, but what a case, since it was a massive and institutional fraud by which the examination center organized the realization of examinations for the account of others by billed persons. And even if we could only prove the fraud on a certain number of candidates, we were led to deregister all 86 candidates who had participated in the suspect sessions, and to deregister the examination center.


Remote supervised TOEIC 

Approximately 15% of diplomas are withheld by ETSGLOBAL for their distance supervised TOEIC, which is an exceptionnaly high proportion. Most of that is due to formal breaches of the examination requirements, without there necessarily being a deliberate intent to play the system. We are working with ETSGLOBAL to reduce this rate.


Bright Secure

Not significant figures.


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