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This is the 4-skills version of the famous Linguaskill certification from Cambridge Assessment. It tests the Listening & Reading skills (like the 2-skills),  the Speaking skills and  the Writing skills.

This English certification is often chosen as an interesting alternative to the TOEFL and IELTS exams because it can be done anytime, anyplace as a distance supervised Linguaskill with cutting edge, artifical intelligence technology. It is then mostly used as proof of English skills for admission to masters and other University programs.

The presence of Cambridge Assessment in over 150 countries guarantees the international reputation and acceptance of the Linguaskill by Universities and colleges worldwide.


The Linguaskill 4 skills

Reading & Listening

Listening & Reading.  This part of the exam is the same as for the Linguaskill 2 skills. The exam is adaptive (the level of the questions is adapted to the level of the candidates) and lasts 85 minutes. There is a General English  and a Business English version. Results are sent roughly 2 working days after the test in a distance supervised setting.


The Linguaskill Speaking test lasts 15' in total. It consists of 5 parts.

  1. Interview : The candidate introduces him/herself through 5 questions.
  2. Reading aloud : The candidate reads 8 sentences aloud.
  3. Long turn 1 : After 40 seconds of preparation, the candidate speaks for one minute on a given subject.
  4. Long turn 2 : The candidate prepares by looking at various graphs and diagrams for one minute. He/she must then speak about them for one minute.
  5. Communication activity : After 40 seconds of preparation, the candidate gives his/her opinion on 5 questions.

The Linguaskill Speaking is evaluated by a team of specialized speaking examiners from Cambridge who work with the support of artificial intelligence. As a result, the results are available in about 2 to 3 days.


The Linguaskill Writing module lasts 45 minutes. It consists of two parts.

  1. E-mail : The candidate must write an e-mail of at least 50 words on a given subject. Cambridge recommends that you spend about 13 minutes on this part.
  2. Long text : The candidate must write a minimum of 180 words on a given topic (a short article, a blog post, a business communication (Linguaskill Business), etc.).

Cambridge Assessment has implemented a computerized scoring system for the Writing module. As a result, the results are almost immediate for most candidates. When human intervention is required, results are available within 2 to 3 days.


Remote Proctored Linguaskill 4 skills

At VICTORIA'S English, the Linguaskill Anywhere 4 skills is organised as one 3 hour session that candidates can schedule anytime and anyplace that complies with exam requirements. Scheduling can be organised every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Why choose the Linguaskill 4 skills?

The Linguaskill 4-skills was created shortly before the Covid pandemic19 and took advantage of the fact that it allowed for an escape from the restrictions imposed in many countries on the most commonly used exams for admission to university programs, the TOEFL and IELTS. Candidates who chose the Linguaskill 4-skills generally did so for one of the following reasons.

  • The possibility of doing the 4-skills at a distance. This means that they can take the exam from home or from their office, without having to deal with the distance measures, health regulations and other problems that have affected all the exams that have been held in classrooms since the beginning of 2020.

  • Acceptance by many universities, colleges, master's programs, etc. who have made the pragmatic choice to add the 4-skills to their list of accepted exams.

  • The speed of the results. The 4-skills Anywhere takes only about a week from registration to graduation. This has proven to be important to many candidates and institutions.

  • International recognition. Whatever its use, the Linguaskill 4-skills remains a Cambridge certificate, which guarantees a high level of recognition, whatever the country, as Cambridge Assessment is present in more than 150 countries around the world.

Important | VICTORIA'S English recommends that candidates validate the acceptance of the Linguaskill 4-skills by the educational institution that requires an English diploma prior to registration. Depending on the case, the Linguaskill 4-skills has been listed among the accepted tests. Or a validation will be granted on a case by case basis.

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