The Bright Language Test is a secured and supervised test, edited by Bright Languages, based in Massasuchets, USA. Available in 11 languages, with a 14 languages interface. Recognized by the French administration, and mesured by the CEFR. This test can be taken on site or can be rometely supervised. The BRIGHT SECURE has an online supervision and can be taken at all times, within one week of the target date.

Bright Language Tests are accepted by a large number of institutions worldwide.


What's the Bright Language Test ?

Whatever the language, Bright Language Tests last a maximum of 2 hours. The test has two sections, Reading and Listening, and candidates have a set time to answer each question (generally two minutes). Some questions are more difficult than others. The format of the questions is traditionnal. The exam is not adaptative.

When enrolling, candidates have to specify the date on which they want to do the Bright Language Test. They can then do the test on the designated day. If they are unavailable on that they, the exam can be done 24/7 during the week that follows the designated day.

Results for the Bright Language Test are provided by Bright Languages in 4 working days typically.


Where can you take the Bright Language Test ?

On site

Computerized, with on site supervision

Bright Secure

Remotely supervised, computerized


How can I enroll for the Bright Language Test ? 

The Bright Language Test, can be taken in an authorized center or remotely supervised with the Bright Secure test.

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Find an
authorized Bright Test Centre

Authorized Centers

Remotely supervised

Enrol now on our online shop. Your logins will be sent in 2 business days maximum.

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Bright Language Test, how are scores presented?

Score test d'anglais gratuit
Results from the Bright Language Test are measured on a 0 (beginners) to 5 (natives) scale. The Bright Diploma also indicates your score on a CEFR level.

Still have questions on the Bright Language Test ?

Our counselors will be happy to answer any of your questions on the Bright Secured Test. Please call us at +334.