French language courses


Need to improve your French?

A few million people living in France do not have French as their mother tongue. Improving their French is an obvious way of improving their social integration and career paths. It's also required if they want to successfully pass the French certifications that give them access to work permits and the French nationality.

Test your French !

 Wo are these courses for?



People comming to work in France. Their French training will typically be paid for by their employer and the corresponding budget will come from the company's training budget.


Football players, volleyball players, rugby players... You have a contract with a French team and will settle in France for a years. Become as good at French as you are at your sport.



Students, foreigners in France

Anybody that qualifies with an A1 minimum level and needs to improve their general and/or business French.

Drill enthusiasts

The more you practice, the better you will have all those words at the tip of your tongue!

Demanding people

All our courses are "unlimited" so you can benefit and get a maximum number of hours in !

Digital natives

People who are at ease with having their classes online and by videoconferencing.


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